"America" - 18x24 Fine Art Print

"America" - 18x24 Fine Art Print

  • $45.00

A lot of interesting things happen because of the strange land known as the United States of America. Therefore, the strange idea of abstract pixel art. This piece is an expression of current thoughts and feelings, neither an indictment nor an applause. We're complicated, messy, chaotic. But good also comes from chaos, so...

“America” was created as part of the “Revenge of the Bit” series. Each print is an 18x24 inch archival digital print on museum-quality matte paper. Item is sent rolled in a damage-resisant kraft mailing tube.

This release is a run of 10, individually signed and numbered by the artist, Mr Benja.

NOTE: Products may include a processing time of 1-3 weeks before shipping.