"Everyday Royalty" - 18x24 Fine Art Print

  • $45.00

Things show up in life that allow the everyday person to close the gap between them and so-called royalty. These are usually technologies or methodologies of some sort. The playing field is leveled for a moment, and the vacuum of power is filled. If you are quick enough, strong enough, and smart enough, then you can take your place amongst the ruling elite. Technology makes this change a recurring possibility.

“Everyday Royalty” is the beginning of a new regularly released series of prints. Each print is an 18x24 inch archival digital print on museum-quality matte paper. Item is sent rolled in a damage-resisant kraft mailing tube.

This release is a run of 10, individually signed and numbered by the artist, Mr Benja. 

NOTE: Products may include a processing time of 1-3 weeks before shipping.