"An Unclear Evil" - 12x12 Fine Art Print

"An Unclear Evil" - 12x12 Fine Art Print

  • $30.00

Not every evil that we encounter is clear to us, and that’s what makes it unsettling. When you don’t know what the danger is, an uncomfortable sense of dread can overcome you. The eyes of death gaze into your soul and make you pause when you should act. You question yourself. Nothing is 0 or 1. The true value of the menacing presence is floating just out of your range. But you know one thing,…the evil is not your friend.

“An Unclear Evil” is part of Series 2. Each print is a 12x12 inch archival digital print on museum-quality matte paper. Item is sent rolled in a damage-resistant kraft mailing tube.

This release is a run of 20, individually signed and numbered by the artist, Mr Benja.

NOTE: Products may include a processing time of 1-3 weeks before shipping.