"Hydrating Firewater" - 12x12 Fine Art Print

"Hydrating Firewater" - 12x12 Fine Art Print

  • $30.00

Drink water and get a buzz? Yes. You can have it all. The 8Bit Cubist's All Natural Organic Non-GMO Hydrating Firewater is the newest beverage that's taking the world of bottled water by storm.

Distilled in a secret and possibly illegal hot spring not found in the US, our secret process turns what used to give you rotgut into a 100% natural and refreshing buzz. And although our bottles use five times as much plastic as normal bottles, they're BPA free and will make a sweet "ba-donk" noise when dropped.

“Hydrating Firewater” is part of Series 2. Each print is an 12x12 inch archival digital print on museum-quality matte paper. Item is sent rolled in a damage-resistant kraft mailing tube.

This release is a run of 20, individually signed and numbered by the artist, Mr Benja.

NOTE: Products may include a processing time of 1-3 weeks before shipping.