Official Announcement: The Podcast Will Be Returning In 2019

Posted by Mr Benja on

You thought it was over, but the soul still burns.

The 8Bit Cubist Podcast will be returning in 2019 of this year! 

The Revenge of the Bit reboot has encompassed paintings, prints, clothing, and social media. Now, the last piece of the puzzle is being readied for launch: The 8Bit Cubist Podcast.

With an all-new format and focus, we will be bringing you insights from Mr Benja on the world of art, the game game industry, and the philosophy of The 8BitCubist.

Audio feeds will be made available to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and other major outlets. In addition, the podcast will be posted to our official YouTube Channel. Follow the link below to subscribe:

View The 8Bit Cubist YouTube Page

You can also check out some of the older videos that are there while you wait.

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