Revenge of the Bit Photos

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Studio 361 San Pedro
Revenge of the Bit marks my solo recreation of the 8BitCubist art project. Spanning two venues over two months (Studio Three Six One and Portfolio's of Long Beach), I relaunched the project with six 18x24 prints, six 12x12 prints, and six tee shirts. This is the photographic record.

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18x24 Print Wall
Coldstone and Revenge Prints
American and The Game of Life prints
Grant Food Paintings
Rice Bowl and Fried Chicken Leg
Andrew Ruano Food Prints
Street Tacos and Expensive Coffee
Amelie Taco Tee
Fast Food and Pasta Plate
Metroid Tattoo
Nick, Aia, and Benja
8BitCubist Teeshirt Set 1
Group Photo

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