"Systematic" - A Tribute to the Kobe System

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~ Kobe Bryant (1978 - 2020) ~

This is going to seem like an odd sort of tribute, but when I sat back and reflected on the Kobe legacy, my thoughts went to his focused and well-executed work ethic, his system...his game. 

Kobe Bryant was steadfast and dedicated to his game in ways that many don't understand. His work ethic and professional drive were unparalleled. He played seriously, to the point that many would make reference his robotic persona. (Example article HERE.)

To show that he actually had a sense of humor and an eye for more than just sports, he debuted the Nike Kobe VII shoe with a fun twist called the  "Kobe System". It launched with a campaign based around the seminar circuit and professional growth discussion of the time. Remember the big hooplah over TED talks and master-level seminars? The Kobe System campaign spoke to that, even to the point where it featured life-maximizer Tony Robbins, creator Kanye West, Serena Williams, and several others. Toss in Nike's advertising team, some well-placed Illuminati pokes, and you have a surprisingly pointed personal development system that could actually be used (or misused) by someone out there.

Here are the stages of the Kobe System:

Welcome to the KobeSystem


Kobe System Level 1 - Success (Aziz Ansari)


KobeSystem Level 2 - Adaptation (Serena Williams)


Kobe System Level 3 - Perception (Wang Leehom)


Kobe System Level 4 - Explosion (Tony Robbins)


Kobe System Level 5 - Domination (Jerry Rice)


KobeSystem Level 6 - Beastion (Kanye West)


KobeSystem Level 7 - Success At Success (Richard Branson)

So what do you do now that you've gotten all the information you need
You're welcome.



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