Revenge of the Bit: The Prints

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18x24 Wall Prints

Revenge of the Bit: The Prints

Since 2018, I had been thinking of a way to reintroduce The 8BitCubist. After meeting with cohorts Jeff, Raph, Marcellus, and Ryan on separate occassions, it was apparent that a return to the new would need to be created. That led me to start doing prints. They are a way for more people to become involved in this art project.

The 18x24 Prints

This first set of prints encapsulates several concepts of the the 8BitCubist. They also represent personal sentiments of mine.

Representation - 18x24 Fine Art Print
Representation - A mirror to reflect the energy that it is given
The Game of Life - The genesis of life is destruction
Revenge - 18x24 Fine Art Print
Revenge - The passion that moves mountains and frustrates resistance
America - An amazing force that has shifted the most significant bits of humanity
A Range of Expectations - A naturally occurring structure that we look to with wonder
Coldstone - A natural mineral of the earth given value and used to control

The 12x12 Prints

The simple to contrast with the complex.

Rice Bowl w/ Vegetable
Fast Food Meal
Plate of Pasta
Street Tacos
Expensive Coffee
Fried Chicken Leg

Each print in the “Revenge of the Bit” series is an archival digital print on museum-quality matte paper. Art is sent rolled in a damage-resisant kraft mailing tube.

- Mr Benja -

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